Eagle Hill School Run For The Hills 5K

Hardwick, MA, May 6, 2017

[Walkers ]


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Eagle Hill School 5K 05/06/2017 Hardwick MA
Overall Results 5K - Produced by 3C Race Productions
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PlaceBibNameSexAgeGun TimePaceSpeed
1117Kendall TallyM1820:37.06:389.0 MPH
266Angus LodgeM1620:45.76:408.9 MPH
337Michael GronerM4022:46.97:198.1 MPH
4172Mary HancockW??23:02.27:248.0 MPH
56Antonio BustamanteM1723:32.37:347.9 MPH
6148Chris DymonM??23:47.97:397.8 MPH
7161Ian KellyM??24:07.67:457.7 MPH
893Timothy MccaffreyM1625:00.88:037.4 MPH
9157Josh BoucherM??25:03.98:047.4 MPH
10140Cedulie Benoit-SmithW??25:21.88:097.3 MPH
11122Kat ThompsonW3725:26.88:117.3 MPH
12173Felipe MccoyM??26:22.08:297.0 MPH
1371Nelson MallickM1426:35.48:337.0 MPH
1455Julie JonesW4827:14.78:466.8 MPH
1532Jake GreenM1530:57.09:576.0 MPH
1696Miriam PallantW2531:08.710:015.9 MPH
1733Nathan GreenM1631:12.710:025.9 MPH
18168Christian LeeM??31:18.510:045.9 MPH
19111Annie SchaferW1731:37.310:105.8 MPH
2098Katherine PoulsonW2831:56.310:165.8 MPH
21114Kurt StavenM5332:21.010:245.7 MPH
22135John WalshM3033:06.010:395.6 MPH
23163Taylor van der MandeeM??33:16.710:425.6 MPH
2446Elise JohnsonW3033:52.410:545.5 MPH
25150Karen NastasiW??34:04.910:585.4 MPH
262Kelly AllenW4334:05.410:585.4 MPH
2751Andrew JonesM1435:52.411:325.1 MPH
28119Eleanor ThompsonW1135:53.811:335.1 MPH
299Kristen ChampouxW3736:25.911:435.1 MPH
3084Emma MasserW1136:32.011:455.1 MPH
3165Ana LoconteW1438:01.012:144.9 MPH
32136Isabella WardW1638:05.612:154.8 MPH
3370Nathan LudingtonM1440:38.213:044.5 MPH
34123Rylie TongW1840:53.213:094.5 MPH
35171Jacob FurtawM??49:00.415:463.8 MPH
36167Wendy DoyleW??49:02.815:473.7 MPH
Number of records: 36