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Our familiar looking start/finish area with some added zones to separate racers.

Safety First

First and foremost, we work exclusively within CDC guidelines for social distancing, and respect the local and state guidelines with regard to group size restrictions and limited event sizes.

With a typical timed race you will see a congestion  during check-in,  at the mass start, and again during any post race awards ceremony.  We have made several modifications to our races, and since June, we have timed several events that have been successful with these implementations.

Packet Pickup

A typical packet pickup for 500+ runners would take place over a hectic hour, to 1.5hr time frame.  To eliminate this we recommend offering packet pickup over a 3 to 5 day period prior to race day.  This can be ‘mandatory’ pre-packet pickup with no same day pickup available.  We also recommend no same day registration.

Modified Start Format

Rather than a mass start of 500+ runners, we have programmed our timing system to operate and score every runner in a time trail format.  The runners individual time starts when they cross our start line, and finishes when they hit the finish line.  Starting time slots for your event can start as early as 6a.m., and can be sold at 20 minute intervals with a limit of 50 per wave.  Runners can start anytime within that 20 min period allowing for complete social distancing.  The start and finish lines for larger events can be in separate locations to further eliminate any crowds.

This format has many of the benefits of a virtual race, but still adds the excitement of having other runners on your course.  Essentially there never needs to be a group gathering because the entire event is “show and go”.

Example of a Socially Distant Start


If your event can provide a large venue, and arrange for a safe, controlled course for an extended period of time, we can satisfy all of the State and CDC Guidelines.


Rob is masked up and ready for his next socially distant race.

Award Ceremony

We have been recommending no physical award ceremony.  post race food, or activities.  After runners finish their race effort they are then free to leave the venue.   Physical awards can be made available for pickup an entire week after the event, or mailed with a fee to out of town runners upon request.  Most races using this format have opted for no age group awards and only mailed 2 or 6 over all awards.  We have been emailing all participants ‘virtual award certificates’.    After all runners are finished our system can email all finishers this custom/personalized certificate with the runners name, time, and placement statistics.


Live Results

As runners finish their race, and more head out onto the course, the results and rankings are constantly changing.  Runners can view their results immediately online,  and watch their rankings throughout the morning till the conclusion of the event.

Virtual Race

In addition to this live start/finish line option, we can also include a virtual option that runners can still support your cause, and continue the tradition of attending your event, only they are now virtual, running from their location of choice.  We email these participants with a unique link that they can submit their own time, and an image ‘proof of time’ from their gps watch or running app.  These runners aren’t scored against the live runners, but are listed on the results page in a separate category/event.  They can also be give up to 9 days to complete and submit their effort if you choose.  Virtual runners are also emailed a virtual custom/personalized race bib prior to the race, and the same finisher award certificate at the conclusion.

For more details about virtual races, click here.

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